Young Leaders

Hey, welcome to the website which can tell you everything you want to know about the Young Leader programme.

If you are interested in improving your leadership and life skills in a fun and enjoyable way, we use the best elements of cricket to help you to achieve those skills.

We have put together several informative and useful modules which are all designed to give you practical experience of five key self-improvement qualities.

You are almost certainly a Cricketer and understand that it is a game with many sides to it. You play as an individual, yet you are part of a team. You can be a leader or you can be a key member of the team. The Young Leader programme can help you develop your game by giving you a better depth of knowledge about how to coach young people, the laws of the game, the surfaces you play on and a vital life skill which is First Aid.

Young person facing away wearing t-shirt with the word volunteer on the back

You will be given all the skills to volunteer at your club, including a module on how to use social media in a responsible way to fund raise, as a group. There is also a module on cricket and the environment and how we play our part in mitigating the impact we have.

We ask you to give us back a minimum of 20 hours volunteering during the season.

group of young leaders at practice one in the centre is bowling

But you are more than just a player, you are a young person interested in what goes on around you in wider society and you would like to play your part. The Young Leader programme will offer you the opportunity to volunteer in the wider community, to help those young people who might not have had a chance to join a club for all sorts of reasons but are keen to play the game. There will also be many other opportunities to broaden your experience of volunteering.

For more information about the Young Leaders in Cricket programme speak to your club or parent, carer or guardian to get in touch with us via the various channels on the website.